AGUA BENDITA is a Colombian Fashion firms that is succeeding at the International market of Female swimsuit. They give a new experience to its users combining contemporary aesthetics and beauty of handmade details.

Currently they have expanded their clothing lines. Among these groups are: dresses, bathrobes, pants, sandals, handbags, swimsuits, shoes and scarves.

For COLOMBIA MODA 2013 presented their collection called TIME FOR U.S.

CATALINA ALVAREZ, founder and one of the creative minds of the brand answered some questions for JULIO MELARA, editor in chief of COSMOPOL:


Julio: What is the theme for your collection this year? Tell us about it.

Catalina: Our collection is called “TIME FOR U.S.” is our 2014 collection is inspired moments that we live with our friends. Among these events are: to share a cup of tea, remember past events, to party or vacation. There are several moments that range from the tender to times stronger.

Julio: What changes can we expect in your clothes for this presentation?

Catalina: We want to show that AGUA BENDITA is increasingly for women and that all we can identify with them according to our tastes. We have everything: From single color until very patterned clothes. Logically never forget the hand embroidery that are the essence of our brand.

AGUA BENDITA is becoming more sophisticated and glamorous without forgetting our customers using all tender and cheerful brand.

Julio: What materials and textures in the collection stand out this year?

Catalina: The mainly materials are the best quality lycra, here is  where we develop our prints. In additions we use silks, cottons.
The most important are our handmade embroidery that have given us great identity, are our added value and what has led us to set a trend now all follow.


Julio: What it has been the reaction of the markets in the United States and Europe for your latest collection?

Catalina: We’ve grown a lot in these two markets!
In both places very much value the handmade … They are very strong markets for holy water every day we strengthen further.
We are selling in both places in large department stores offering the best brands with designers every day which holy water makes it look like a very important brand for the fashion world to be setting new trends.






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