Sinclair is a brand of Jeans who have taken their products to a new level of elegance and sexiness. Its products are recognized in select circles in the US.

More about them:

You are made of star material, but before you streak across the sky, you have to learn to walk. Before they celebrate your paintings in the guggenheim, you have to learn to paint by numbers.

This is the entry point for those who would strive to engineer jeans. “Those” meaning us. And leading up to the launch of Sinclair in Fall 2010, as eager as we were to find new and startling ways to give voice to your unfolding story, we weren’t about to trample over histroy to get there.

The hearts and hands at Sinclair set to working. Sometimes with lunch breaks. At the end of this process we at Sinclair walked around with smiles on our faces for weeks. We had that new-parent pride. It was probably annoying.

We felt that we had met our nearly impossible objective, to provide a “new” jean movement that would act as a foundation from which any future achievements would spring. For this we refused to apologize. If you ask for an apology, we apologize. Oh, wait. No we don’t.

As we were nudged out of the nest on this journey wet wings trembling, we set our mind on seven certainties we deemed critical to anything approaching success. We took a breath and made a vow. Don’t roll your eyes. Vows can be a sacred and a beautiful thing (SINCLAIR, 2013).




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