Iris Van Herpen, is a Belgian Fashion Designer whose techniques are innovating fashion design. She is using 3D technologies to develop new textures, patterns and shapes. Her style combines creatives inspirations in design with innovative constituents. We are facing an innovation trend in design in 3d and this designer is showing us the possibilities.


More about her collection:

The project Hylozoic Ground by the Canadian architect and artist Philip Beesley provided the inspiration for this collection. Hylozoic refers to Hylozoism, the ancient belief that all matter is in some sense alive. Beesley created a responsive architectural system that uses hylozoism in a quite specific way, that is, “we are working with subtle materials, electricity and chemistry, weaving together interactions that at first create an architecture that simulates life but increasingly these interactions are starting to act like life, like some of the ingredients of life”. His environment breathes, shifts and moves in relationship to people walking through it, touching it, and sensing it.




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