Monday arrives and we always have the same dilemma every day of the week until Friday. “I’m late !! I wear?I tell you with the indicated parts need not be boring clothes, but we can wear the latest trends with basic accessories and thus the phrase “It`s late! What I`m gonna  wear ??? ‘ It not is going to be very consistent in your morning.
Here is some ideas to dress for work:
Blouses: Your best friends, of these I recommend having variety can be silk, cotton or poplin ideally be rather loose, not too tight to the body and its neck is not as deep. In this piece we will not limit therefore, if we at the bottom of a sober garment, we can wear a shirt with a little more noticeable colors, it goes without saying that it is forbidden to consider colors like fuchsia, electric blue and neon colors .Pants: I recomend the cigarette type or boot cut, depending on the type of body you have. I suggest you are neutral colors like black, gray and earth tones.Skirts: The main rule is that the skirts are to the knee or a little higher (2 cm), suggest that sober colors are also, more than anything to be able to create different looks with them. With skirts have more variety of cuts, can be straight cut or pencil, cut into A, also cut the siren can carry.Dresses: You can play some more with textures and prints, always in neutral colors and respecting the length of the skirt to the knee or 2 cm above this.Accessories: To personally recommend the workplace to be very sober, no more than 2 rings, a necklace according to subtle short dress and earrings. Remember that an office is not an encounter with friends.Shoes: these should be medium heel or flat, definitely have to be closed in the part of the fingers, is very informal teaching the toes at the office. Personally I recommend having a pair of black stilettos and a pair of flats that edge preferably are more formal than round nose.
I hope these tips will be useful when you start your week !!! See you next week!

Article by Lola Lorena Stapff
Lorena Stapff, better known as LOLA, is a renowned blogger and stylist for international fashion.

Lorena Stapff, mejor conocida como LOLA, es una reconocida blogger y estilista de moda Internacional


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