Although one thinks that a belt is a simple accessory, once we know what is the most suitable for us it happens to be a “must” in our locker room.
A belt can give you the ability to reuse an article once more, whether with dresses or blouses. In addition to defining your waist or accentuate the body part where you use it. But how to know which is the right belt for your body? …
Here is a quick guideline of which is more favorable to them every body type:

The first thing to consider is your height, because although this can help stylize your waist, you can also see your trunk wider or narrower, making your torso look short or long and generally looking higher or short.

– For the petites, we recommend not to use wide belts, as these shorten your trunk, especially if you use a belt in a different costume for your color.
– Tall people can wear wide belts, especially if you have long or balanced torso and whether to draw attention to that area.
– If you have narrow hips, you can use a wide belt in the area of your hips to create volume in that area. On the contrary if your body type is.
– If you want to accentuate your waist you can wear a belt in tone and a striking contrast to the rest of your wardrobe. Also you can choose textured or patterned belts.
– If you intend to conceal your waist or trunk, it would be best not to use a belt; but if you want it, then use it in the same tone of your wardrobe and single tone, what is required is that the belt is not too flashy, not to focus on that area you want to hide.

Hope you find it helpful and not afraid to wear accessories in their clothing, a belt always gives a personal touch to your wardrobe. Try it! You will not regret it!


Lorena Stapff, better known as LOLA, is a renowned blogger and stylist for international fashion.


Lorena Stapff, mejor conocida como LOLA, es una reconocida blogger y estilista de moda Internacional


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