First of all we have to define the most common models skirt there, then understand what is best is us according to our height.

* Schoolgirl skirt: short, with tables or folds.
* Mini-skirts and micro-mini: short skirts
* Skirt form of “A” shaped rather like the letter “A”, can have any length.
* Pencil skirt: very thin line
* Puffed skirt: hem is swollen like a bubble.

For smaller women or chaparras I recommend:
Short skirts such as the model “A”, mini skirts or schoolgirls, these always above the knee. The fundamental idea is to show as much leg as possible so that your legs look longer and stylized, always being consistent and appropriate our age.

For women of average height:
I recommend skirts to the knee or two centimeters above, that will balance in your body, can be skirts “tube or” A “.

For tall women:
They have a little more possibilities for skirts are concerned, short skirts are very well, provided they are not overly short (in particular, I am not fond of miniskirts, rather wear shorts) and long skirts the can get along very well, but seek to be as tight-fitting as possible to give the appearance to the curves.
I advise that if we know what kind of skirt does better by the height of each woman, is more important to understand that not all the slopes are for all ages and this is limited by the lengths of these (skirts).
With these simple tips will be ready to buy our next lap.

Love, LOLA

Lorena Stapff, better known as LOLA, is a renowned blogger and stylist for international fashion.


Lorena Stapff, mejor conocida como LOLA, es una reconocida blogger y estilista de moda Internacional


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