Sometimes you want to look confident and elegant for the daily life. Here is where enters Bammies (the name stands for “business + jammies”), one new fashion talent in the South Florida área.

Here is a part of the Interview that the designers gave us:

What inspired the line?

Rosario Chozas, Co-Founder & Creative Director:  After almost a decade of entrepreneurial endeavors in  creative industries, I made a professional move into a more corporate setting, which dictated a different dress code. My coworkers  and I would always talk about how I dressed, and how I felt really uncomfortable. I felt like I dressed differently than everyone around me, which made me feel weird and out of  place. I tried to replicate the looks around me, but they felt       so awkward. Eventually I said to myself, “Wait a minute, I’m a stylist. I know how to handle this.” I thought, “What are ways     I could put together some looks where it would work for both me  and  my  surroundings?”  The  way  that  I  was  able  to resolve being true to myself and feeling appropriate was   wearing  things  that  were  comfortable.  Everyone  would  see me dressed in a way that was comfortable and then a joke  started that I was wearing business jammies. And that’s how      it came about. I needed to be true to my looks and be comfortable… and make it fab for the   office.

In your video, you discuss catering to the “woman who inspires you” — the woman on-the-go. Many other brands are catering to this market, so what sets you apart?

Rosario: First off, the fact that there are a slew of brands that are getting with the program is amazing. We are excited to be a part of this graduating class of brands who are catering to this woman because she is where it’s at. It’s cool we’re a part of this. Yes, Bammies is highlighting the practical nature of fashion. We’re also really focused on celebrating the celebrating the feminine part of the experience.

We’re not just on the go. We’re complex and we accomplish  a lot and play many roles in one day. We can be hustlers and do many things, but let’s not forget that there’s also strength  in the softness. We need clothes that cater to our multi­ faceted lifestyle without overshadowing the many layers of our womanness. I don’t need to dress like a man or badly or ugly or not sexy or not amazing because I’m a powerhouse. Through Bammies, I can dress the powerhouse while simultaneously addressing the fact that I’m a  woman.

Julia Ford-Carther, Co-Founder & CEO: It’s about authentic self­expression  and  we  want  to  minimize  your  decision fatigue in the morning. You can easily waste precious morning­routine time trying to finagle yet ANOTHER outfit  out  of  yoga  pants  that  tries  to  hide  the  fact  that  you’re wearing downward­dog duds to work. We want you to feel confident in knowing that you can quickly choose a Bammies item,  throw  it  on,  style  it  with  other  staples  in  your  closet, and not have to worry about the message you’re sending throughout the day­­whether you’re at a business meeting, a Bumble lunch date, or a happy­hour networking event. You’ll never be pulling at a too­tight waistband, straightening a    pencil skirt gone rogue or fiddling with peek­a­boo button­ down blouse.

What words describe your brand personality?

Realistic, amazing, style­forward, strong, purposeful, feminine, powerful, versatile, assured, comfortable, confident, driven, honest.

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