Colorimetry is a quantitative determination measuring the color depth. It is the art of measuring and mixing colors according to our needs. In fashion this helps us to determine what colors are most beneficial to us.

The first thing to be clear is whether we are hot or cold, we can define our skin tone. Warm people have a yellowish color, while in the cold predominantly pink. A simple way to find out your skin tone is by looking at the back of your forearm: if your veins are greenish your skin tone is warm. On the contrary, if they are bluish color, your skin tone is cool.
After defining our tone, we can identify which belong station then specify the colors that highlight our features.

There are 4 seasons: winter, summer, autumn and spring. They have that order because winter and summer are within the category of cold, opposed to autumn and spring are warm.

In general appearance, the colors that benefit a person should illuminate the skin, soften shadows, hide stains and enliven. Here we give you a color chart so you have references; however, it never hurts to have the opinion of a specialist color to help us find our category.

The winter people have skin or very white or very dark, with blue background, always pale. His hair is black or platinum blonde blue that darkens with age. His eyes are intense and well defined, very clean white contrasting with the color of the iris which tend to be blue ice, pure gray, light green or dark brown. The colors you should avoid are orange, beige, pale colors and gold.

The summer people have their milky white skin but sometimes it is light brown or olive. His hair is ashy brown, light brown or dark brown. His eyes are usually brown hazelnut color, but can also be bluish green or grayish blue. You can not find much contrast between the milky white of the eye and the color of the iris. Avoid strong colors and gold.


The autumn people have yellowish beige skin with all gold. His hair is red or brown with reddish rays. Your eyes may be blue steel or oil, olive green or amber golden brown and are distinguished by their stained golden iris. Avoid very dark colors like black, blue like silver.


Spring people have their ivory, pale and golden tones with white skin. His hair is blond straw, reddish blond or brown with gold accents. The eyes go from a long range of, blue, green, golden brown. Avoid dark colors like bluish red, blue, like silver.
This does not mean that if there is any color you like, it is forbidden to dress, but the ideal is to find the hue that suits you best.


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Lorena Stapff, better known as LOLA, is a renowned blogger and stylist for international fashion.


Lorena Stapff, mejor conocida como LOLA, es una reconocida blogger y estilista de moda Internacional


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