The french house of Balmain launched a collection based on golden yellows, volcanic oranges and earth tones in a way that the force of expression is visible in all the collection. The combination of futuristics materials merges with crude material to give a both opinion of expression.

The designer of Balmain has put the fashion in eruption, with dramatic and absolutely sexy garments and, although some touched the vulgarity, others contained all the power and the power of the women.

80 outfits went on the catwalk, on models that walked through a silver and metallic bow and whose looks in black and gold looked like flames, tie-dye flashes that started from the yellow and moved down the body until they were undone in a cloud of threads Golden This ‘burning woman’ became even more intense when the mesh fabric covered the chest and the skirts of threads floated in the air to reveal snake boots to the thigh

In no case were sexual objects, but strong women who marched with determination in increasingly fierce colors (Suzy Menkes for Vogue Spain).


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