Editor’s Note: For the second time in the year. Cosmopol has been honored with the contribution of Malinka Max. She is a multifacetic woman whose refined sense of style and social skills have located her in the top level of event coordination. Now she review for our audience the places she met in her last trip to Paris with the recognized photographer Alena Graff.


No matter how many times travel experts tell people to try to avoid visiting Paris during summer,
there will still be millions of people. Why would you ask? – Because the late-late spring and
summer are the best time to be here! And if you find a travel expert who tells you to skip a trip
to Paris altogether and go to Cote D’Azur, let me know so I can slap them.
In other words, even though spending whole three months in the summer isn’t necessarily what
I’d recommend, a summertime trip to Paris is definitely going to be glorious and – this goes
without saying – better than no trip to Paris at all.

As tourists flock to Paris in the summer, the city transforms into a bustling hub. Some would say
that it is by this time that Paris becomes very un-Parisian: long, moody rains would finally stop,
longer nights allow for many fun festivals and special events. Regardless of what anyone says,
Paris still remains one of the most romantic cities in the world, and no one will argue about that!
So all that said, trip to Paris in the summer months is a must-try experience and one that you
should experience at least once in your lifetime.

Here are 10 enjoyable and culturally stimulating activities you can look forward to in Paris during
summer time:

1. Love music? Paris got something for everyone: For fans of electronic music, there’s The
Peacock Society Festival in the Parc Floral de Paris in early July, and right before that Jazz
Festival takes over the park in mid-June. Paris Street Music Festival, one of the most
popular musical events in Paris, starts June 21st. During World Music Day, hundreds of
musicians gather on the streets, cafes, and bars of Paris to give free performances on
different kinds of music from rock, jazz, hip-hop, world music, electronic music, and so much
more. Those who prefer classical music would enjoy the Classique au Vert festival at the
Parc Floral in August.

2. Crazy about movies? – How about outdoor movies in beautifully manicured parks? The
Cinéma en Plein Air festival from end-July to end-August at Parc de la Villette allows you to
relax on the park’s green lawn while soaking up on French and international films. Catch new
releases, cult films, as well as short films and enjoy the atmosphere with hundreds of other film
lovers like yourself. The best part? It’s totally free.

3. Looking for a chic cocktail with a view? Head on over to Hotel Raphael rooftop bar. You will
experience a true Parisian moment and get those cool looking selfies with Eiffel Tower on the

4. How about some high-end shopping? Paris is all about it: head on over to Avenue Montaigne
and don’t forget to pop in to extraordinary Louis Vuitton store on Champs-Elysées where while
standing on the red carpet in front of their massive gold entrance doors, security personnel will
perform “airpot-style” body scan of you and your bag. Bonjour frisky!

5. Tired of overly commercial and overpriced “Moulin Rouge” and “Lido” cabaret? Enjoy shows
at open air theaters, soak up on both the beauty of Parisian outdoors and the culture. Each
year, tourists and Parisians are treated to the Paris Quartier d’été which happens from July to
August. Here, you’ll see plays performed by street theaters, dance shows, and musical
performances, and yes, even the circus! Another bonus: most of them are free of charge.

6. Got wine? – Will picnic! Another popular thing to do in the summer is to have a picnic in one of
the many breathtaking parks of Paris. There are so many to choose from. But if you want to
push it a little bit above the bar, then why not try riding a hot air balloon, too? You can do that at
the Parc André Citroën.

7. One of the must things to do in Paris, even if you don’t enjoy opera, is to visit the Palais
Garnier. Built in1861 to symbolize architecture and opulence of Napoleon III’s Second Empire, it
is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the French capital, and possibly the most famous
opera house in the world that has the largest stage and 7 tons bronze and crystal chandelier .
Palais Garnier offers tours during the day, and many exquisite classical operas, avant-garde
ballet and other performances. The Phantom Of The Opera was inspired by these walls and
latest editorial commercials for Balmain was shot here. The palace is so breathtaking that
picture do not do it a true justice – you have to see it for yourself.

8. Want to see Paris from a different perspective? – Take a boat tour on the Seine river: The
majestic city and its famous spots sprawled out before your eyes as you cruise, Parisian wind
blowing on your face. Daytime cruises offer drinks, and in the evening you could have a
romantic candlelit dinner while absorbing architectural beauty around you. What could be more

9. Want to experience glamour of Louis XIV? – Visit Chateau Versailles situated only 15 miles
outside Paris. There are more than 700 rooms of impressive art and over-the-top antique
furniture, including 1,200 fireplaces and 60 staircases to explore. The gardens of the Palace of
Versailles cover 30,000+ acres. They included 400 sculptures and 1400 fountains. This
impressive estate is so massive that it cannot be covered by foot in one day. Fun fact: In today’s
money it would have cost $2.5 billion to build.

10. Last but never least, and for some is the most important thing to do in Paris, is to visit
Louvre Museum which housing 65,000+ priceless artworks including Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona
Lisa. Interestingly enough, during Napoleon Bonaparte rule, this painting was hung on his
bedroom wall. You would have to wonder if she was an inspiration for many of his victories?…
But when you see her in person, you will quickly realize that is her world-famous status, which in
many people’s minds made her larger than life, in reality Mona Lisa is only 31 inches by 21
inches. Being roped off from the viewers, and sitting behind very thick bullet proof glass you will
hardly see all the details of her mysterious smile. So although everyone should get a glance at
Mona Lisa, just for the sake of saying “I saw Mona Lisa” – do enjoy enormous collection of
precious artworks that Louvre has to offer!

As you see there are so many things to enjoy in Paris this summer! Hopefully I inspired you to
book that ticket and have an adventure of your lifetime, create your own memories!
I would love to hear from you and share your Parisian memories with me so I can publish them
in our future publications! Please send yours to

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