With a personality that enhances in sympathy, Loraine Quinto is a force of nature. Beauty Queen shows through their social networks optimism about every aspect of life. She is representing the Guatemalan woman seeking both beauties Interior and exterior.

Loraine Quinto has a degree in Interior Design. She speaks 4 languages: Spanish, English, Italian, and French. Over the years she has participated in over 15 national and international competitions of beauty. Thanks to this, She had the opportunity to travel to countries like Peru, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, among others.

In 2013 she participated in the most important event of Miss Universe Guatemala, earning 2nd place which gave him the title of Miss World and Guatemala this pass to participate in Miss World in Bali, Indonesia.

After that, it opens the opportunity to try on television. She managed to enter Guatevision at Viva La Mañana program. She is really passionate about what she does. Her future plans are to grow and learn more here, and also tested in the production area.


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