Brazil offers one of the best FASHION in Latin America. A blend of nature and new aesthetics is a new proposal that Liana Thomas proposes in her 2018 catwalk.

Brazil and its blend of more than 500 years, has generated an original and recognized aesthetic around the world as the Brazilian style. This characteristic look served as inspiration for COCONUT WATER by Liana Thomaz, in the collection Brasil com Z, presented at São Paulo Fashion Week, bringing the colors, shapes, sensuality, and tropicality, perceived beyond the borders of Tupiniquins. Rio de Janeiro, a city that promotes the country with iconic images, appears in prints with elements from the Guanabara Bay, coconut palms of the Laje Park and imperial palm trees of the Botanical Garden(REVISTA NEWS, 2018).

Fortaleza (state of Ceará) Brazil, 1985: stylist Liana Thomaz creates Água de Coco with only a sewing machine, a seamstress, a lot of determination and a well-defined objective: launching a beachwear brand of unquestionable quality. Dream achieved. Today, the respected swimwear label´s place on the worldwide fashion scene is ensured. The label, which parades at the São Paulo Fashion Week, – Latin America’s largest fashion event is always showing remarkable novelties to a public which is eager for authentic fashion and enjoys resting or having fun at the most beautiful coastal landscapes.