When you change your behavior, new paradigms are created. Knowing how to reinvent yourself is necessary in a world in constant change. Muccia Prada knows it very well and does it every season. Again, he breaks the thought when creating his collection 360 AUTUMN WINTER 2018..

Translating the visual identity of the Fall/Winter 2018 Prada womenswear campaign into moving image, Neon Dream is a short movie featuring model Amanda Murphy, and starring Hollywood actress Sarah Paulson. Here, Murphy is a mysterious heroine, while Paulson plays multiple incarnations of one character, both women moving constantly through the glowing nocturnal landscape of Las Vegas and its famous Sunset Strip, in an ever-transforming narrative.

Inspired by the distinct visual language of the city, its showgirls and neons, mid-century iconography and totems of Americana, the film situates Murphy in a surreal reflection of the materiality of Las Vegas, envisaged as an oasis of light in a desert of darkness. Although filmed on location, this Las Vegas is nevertheless a fiction, composed of archetypes – red velvet drapes, glittering lights, glowing Technicolor, billboards and convertibles. Reality, reimagined. A neon dream.

In a striking turn, heightening the sense of the dreamlike and hypnagogic, Sarah Paulson features in a cameo role, punctuating the action throughout the film. She plays a series of roles, but each represents a different facet of the same character, a guardian angel figure who reappears again and again like an aesthetic echo. Paulson’s reiteration in these different guises – these separate illusions of one self – emphasizes the unreality of the scenes. It also underlines Prada’s continual and deep fascination with the multiplicity of roles of singular women, and the constant shifting of personal identity through fashion


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