Jeremy Scott has become the interpreter of millennial and centennial POP culture trends. In his last FALL PRESENTATION, the forms or textures are taken directly from the Urban Environment of NEW YORK. Giving an urban artistic collection.

The collection for next summer maintains the athleisure and sports lines that Jeremy Scott defends at any time, betting on the most original, colorful and extravagant maximalism. On this occasion the prize is taken by his jewels of extra-large chains and bags and backpacks, so XL that an adult would enter inside. All seasoned with colored tracksuits, Timberland style mountain boots, tweed sets, exacerbated prints and trap airs and hip-hop dancers.

The next station is Moschino Street. “New York is the ‘city that never sleeps,’” says Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott. “With that in mind, I wanted to offer a little bit of everything. A round-the-clock set of ensembles for city girls and guys who aren’t afraid to go from the ballroom to the back room, then watch the sun come up over the East River. There’s nowhere else in the world where you get that kind of energy and magic!”

You can watch our latest entrance about Jeremy Scott here.


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