Laura Biagiotti’s work draws our attention due to the lightness of its textures, minimalist elegance and inspiration by art.

Laura Biagiotti shoots the FW 21/22 season in the Ara Pacis Museum and the collection will be unveiled on February 27 at 6 pm during Milan fashion week. Set in an iconic place of the capital, a symbol of rebirth and novelty, the collection weaves a dialogue between fashion, art, dance, architecture and cinema.

“I believe in the integration between art and everyday life and in the power of fashion, and beauty in general, to develop new models of life. The Grand tour in Biagiotti continues and after the brand’s Roman Renaissance staged last September on Piazza del Campidoglio, we have chosen to shoot the new collection at Ara Pacis. It is a highly evocative and significant place: a symbol of the beginning of a new era of prosperity, it weaves a plot between past and future.

The Ara Pacis is a place dear to our family and our company: we have exhibited here the monumental work by Giacomo Balla “Genius Futurista”, part of the Futurist Collection of Laura and Lavinia Biagiotti, and inaugurating a season of conversations between classical art and contemporary. It was 2009 and the exhibition, inaugurated in the presence of the then President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, was an extraordinary success with the public. Also on that occasion we created an iconic Biagiotti photographic campaign.

Ours is therefore a “return” to the Ara Pacis and today, as then, one cannot but be struck by the extraordinary Augustan ornamental art. The theme of nature, so dear to our brand, is elegantly represented in the decorations of the Ara Pacis in its moment of growth and development. The colors of the collection are inspired by the large plant frieze: the marble white and also that of the lotus flower, the pink shades of the acanthus flowers, the purple of the irises, the different shades of blue.

The scene opens with the étoile Eleonora Abbagnato dancing together with 6 dancers from the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome: they are the vestals who propitiate the beginning of a new era. With grace and dynamism they point the way to change. Fashion and dance come together in a creative movement of freedom and rebirth.

The women of the city immediately appear, wearing knitted dresses in recycled cashmere, double coats, godet skirts, blazers without the lapel. The iconic monogram bag with the handle that reproduces the LB LOGO tells new lifestyles and comes in mini shapes to be worn over the shoulder for the essentials and more capacious to contain new adventures.

After all, the purpose of Biagiotti fashion is to put the extraordinary in everyday life and make it last over time, with clothes that tell the story of every day. We have woven and spun friezes and acanthus twists on long knitted dresses with low and minute ribs, on large coats that hug the body. Long and sinuous dresses and cardigans in cashmere or mohair are furrowed with rhombuses and braids, interpreting the brand’s vocation for knitwear. Wise hand-made embroideries of scaramazza pearls and points of light suggest an aesthetic of renewal that also passes through clothing. Classicism and naturalism parade in procession among the supple efflorescence of acanthus and the modern “priestesses” wear long cloaks of milky-white alpaca or in cappuccino tones: the neutrals so dear to the Maison. Again as “vestals” guardians of the fire and therefore of body heat, they wrap themselves in panné velvet in pastel colors, in the ankle-length double cashmere coats.

A auspicious painting of brides interprets the new Laura Biagiotti bridal collection suggesting an era of rebirth and dreams.

Great protagonist of Italian cinema and interpreter of Laura Biagiotti Forever fragrances, Laura Chiatti is the exceptional viewer of the Laura Biagiotti Age of Women video.

By doing fashion and business, you live an experience in which changes in society are perceived, often orienting them. Hence our responsibility towards the present, as well as the future, and the need to interpret a sustainable message made up of people, a bond with the territory, with art, culture and beauty. Our Age of Women tells, in four episodes, the female role in its fullest expression, through an unprecedented dialogue between fashion and the city, between women, clothes and the body. In dressing we look for a behavior that satisfies us made of intrinsic value, comfort, and long life. Biagiotti fashion tells a thought that is both new and infinite at the same time. ” Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna


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