An invitation to look to the future with confidence and to open up to change. This is the feeling of the spring summer 2021 collections that Luisa Spagnoli presented with the en plein air event in Milan, on the occasion of this first Covid 19 Fashion Week post. A “garden party”, a true reception We live to give a signal of optimism and hope in this period deeply dominated by uncertainty (TG


For this new collection we have decided to bet a lot on the return to femininity and make room for versatile and customizable garments, such as shirts. The cuts are much drier, to enhance the figure, the important sleeves, the wide pants, the light fabrics. Linen, cotton and silk find space. Everything is very feminine, even when it is male-inspired. They are garments that can be easily combined and personalized (TG


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A glimpse of @luisaspagnoli #springsummer 2021 collection. More on the link of ?#luisaspagnoli #ss21 #mfw #cosmopolmag

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The proposal is designed for a chic and contemporary, dynamic and versatile woman who wants to show off a sophisticated métissage of prints and silhouettes. “I was inspired by a garden party with colorful, fresh, summery and, above all, versatile dresses: passe-partout for a casual, modern and cosmopolitan woman, capable of going from dresses with more fluid lines to oversize dresses. The collection is always extremely feminine, but some looks are inspired by men’s fashion with slimmer cuts that enhance the figure. For example, there are double-breasted linen suits that become feminine with puffed sleeves. There are haute couture constructions and simpler dresses. The skirts are long, up to the ankles, with slip, with floral or animal prints. The focus is on the sleeves and collars, both very well crafted, even on point ”(Fashion Network).

And here is an urban safari look, metropolitan appeal with an important presence of tracksuits, but there is also the polka dot print, the classic black and white, revisited with large and black polka dots(Fashion Network).


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