Among the proposals this year for men’s collections, Oteyza stands out for different inspirations and their own roots.

OTEYZA in a formulated vision called ‘fashion of knowledge’. In it, the forms are associated through fertile forms (a mixture of pure plant textures in linen with extra-fine merino wool), as well as in the “geometry of life” (rich in spaces and unlimited perspectives).

Sagal is an exercise in the absorption of matter and form, in which balances have been exploited in order to develop a re-expression of the axes of creations.

It is time for truth, honesty, craftsmanship, and organic; OTEYZA’s sources of creation since its inception, in a vision formulated as the fashion of knowledge.

A one-way ticket to modernity in an adjustment of codes from tradition to the avant-garde, where the true importance is to the process and its vital action.

Oteyza draws on all of his inner discourse, from the poise of his lines of drive and gravity of textures and colors, thus making an exercise of continuous progression in the vision of the new paradigm of men’s fashion. Build the drive and modernity of today with your hands tomorrow.


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