Our society and fashion, its consequent expression, live in contrasts: this concept is the basis of the new Cividini collection for next spring / summer 2022 that be presented at next Milano Moda Donna.


On the catwalk will be clothes designed according to the philosophy of aesthetic contrast, a concentrate of creativity and manufacturing of the highest quality, distinctive trait of the real Made in Italy, capable of bringing together fine and contrasting artisan elements in balance: the built opposes the minimal, narrow to wide, short to long and casual to tailoring, creating a harmonious aesthetic fusion.


Cividini once again proposes superlative-quality craftsmanship clothing, created to last over time, according to a sustainable vision, expression of a refined, clean and modern design, without ever losing the most genuine tradition of craftsmanship: a practical, essential and sophisticated wardrobe, able to grasp current events and contemporaneity in their choices. Wide trousers with double loop position to be worn Buggy or Regular depending on where you put on the belt with the minimal silk shirt are opposed to the double cotton shorts with high turn-up and silk T-shirt with ramage design made with the stencil.



The linen dress with small handkerchief sleeves and pleats with slit on the front in contrast to the high gauge cotton dress with a cubic weave and “labyrinth” scroll design. And again the dress in viscose jersey and devoré polyamide with floral motif plays with full and empty spaces, while the asymmetrical cotton sweater with stylized floral inlays is combined with the calf-length skirt with free pleats and central closure with snaps.

The double cotton pea coat with patch pockets and flap finds its natural combination with shorts in the same material, for a relaxed but urban look, and the vaguely military-style double-breasted duster is combined with the knee-length skirt with pleat and slit and shirt in linen net in all white version. The accessories give a chic touch: bags, belts and sneakers made with natural cowhide leathers and woven straw, as well as hand-woven

leather rattles. There are many fabrics: from cotton to linen, from tulle to jersey, from viscose to silk, from stretch wool crepe to linen canvas with a malted effect, from pinstripe cotton to that with Vichy and Prince of Wales design. Color is not renounced: optical white and cream predominate, as opposed to charcoal, sugar paper and khaki.