The collection has a holistic concept of natural luxury. The clothes have managed to merge nicely to give the message. Lara Stone is the perfect protagonist of the campaign.


Beyond clichés and against stereotypes. A narration of aesthetic canons of a natural beauty that highlights femininity starting from the waistline and the neckline. The capsule collection signed by Alessandro Dell’Acqua for Elena Miró proposes a renewed fashion language able to describe women as themselves and not as an expression of preconceptions. No characterization of measures and dimensions, no influence from shapes: just silhouettes and proportions designed to respect the naturally free and winding movement of the female body.



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«I have been following an idea that goes beyond inclusivity. Designing a fashion collection that offers a size extension may become a mannerism that has nothing to do with inclusivity but has only to do with the commercial purpose of using what is considered politically correct.

Instead, I wanted to go above and beyond, and create desirable clothes without considering the constraints and rules of sizes. I challenged myself to technologically transform fabrics to increase their comfort, even when they are as heavy as tweed, and I have rejected any easy solution that might give the impression of wrapping women in box-shaped dresses. I accepted this challenge because I firmly believe it is possible to work on such a concept without falling into clichés and preconceptions of curvy fashion».



Extremely versatile, the Capsule Collection Alessandro Dell’Acqua X Elena Mirò puts together many different styles: dresses and skirts made with the “boiserie” technique of alternating black and beige organza lace panels that create an architectonic effect; jackets, skirts, and coats in herringbone tweeds typical of men’s tailoring; knit chemise dresses and overcoats imitating maxi ribbed cardigans; pink outfits in different tones made by double coats matched withMpencil skirts and small cardigans; clean-cut black guipure dresses overlaid on nude-coloured stealth dresses; high neck mini dresses in crepe with a bow that falls on shoulders; charming red wool dresses with a double “V” neckline. Body shapes are further highlight by waist belts and black, grey, or crème pumps.



The physicality and personality of a woman who imagines this collection is interpreted by Lara Stone. The Dutch actress and supermodel, one of the main characters of the international fashion scene, gets back on stage and is captured by Mert & Marcus, the photographic duo who have influenced the glam image of the fashion world over the past two decades. The campaign reflects the natural attitude and behaviors of those women who have found, in contemporaneity, their consciousness in terms of personality and image. These are the very women who claim their legitimate right to be what they want to be and not what they are asked to.


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